Global Bus Systems

Message from our CEO:

Team, we must become Metro Detroit‘s first choice for transportation needs. Our customers expect and demand that we solve tomorrow's transportation needs, TODAY! In order to reach their expectations we must relentlessly create the most reliable solutions and deliver these solutions with the highest level of customer service!

Over the summer we conducted several focus groups to help us better understand the challenges facing our customers. 

Focus Group Results:

Customers want the ability and convenience of checking bus availability while scheduling their trips.  We are committed to delivering this service.  

Our customers now have access to our bus availability six months in advance.  We have combined transportation with technology through our website.  To help honor their time customers can complete a reservation form online and receive a confirmation response within 30 minutes.

Yes, we made it just that easy! 

However, none of this technology means anything without our commitment to old fashioned customer service standards such as: 

·         Our customers come first and are always right

·         Treating every customer as our only customer

·         Buses arriving 15 to 30 minutes early so there is no worry

·         Buses not leaving field trip sites

·         Respectful and courteous drivers, without exceptions!


Thanks in advance for your commitment:

Darrin L. Williams

Founder. CEO
















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